Our Colorful Universe

Bio: I am a self taught artist who is inspired by natural and cosmic landscapes as well as abstract. I use acrylic, watercolor and oil paint on canvas or canvas paper to convey the spontaneity and excitement that takes place within our planet and beyond. Please email me for requests.Also go on my Instagram @Our Colorful Universe and Etsy Shop, Our Colorful Universe

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. hi barbara – i finally had time to really look at what you’ve created! lovely lovely work. i especially like the star clusters and nebulas. (nebuli?) you are a talented yogini my dear! shanti – lynn ❤

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    • oh Hi Lynn, thank you! I told my husband you called me a yogi and what it meant, he agreed! Your so sweet! I’ll see you tomorrow. Barb check out my web site as often as you can I update it daily! Did Marieko ever put my cards out?


      • It’s a community blogging idea (it involves a little bit of work for the recipient though) and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If it doesn’t appeal to you then just ignore it! 🙂 I’m not currently on Instagram. I thought about it but there are only so many social networks I can keep up with. If I ever get around to setting up an account I will be sure to look you up. Hope you are very well. All best wishes to you. Xx


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